DISS - Debian Install Server Scripts

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For now DISS is still being tested and stuff.. however this version is (to my norms) pretty pretty usable.

diss_v0.8.8.tar.gz - Mar 15 2011
This latest version is of course better and stuff, erm... Things like, better security, some Apache optimisations (thanks to David from Conexcol, upgrade Mailboy and a few more smoother edges on other things.
diss_v0.8.5.tar.gz - September 21 2010
A few things have been moved around, now Apache logs as well as Awstats cache are stored in the users directory, this should give users direct access to their logs as well as make migrating easier. A few other things have been corrected here and there, this version is looking pretty good although there are many more things I'd like to do (time time time!) : ]

diss_v0.8.4.4.tar.gz - July 21 2010 don't use this one :]
Integrated Mailboy with all its features. Lots of other little things here and there as well.

diss_v0.8.4.3.tar.gz - January 4 2010
Some other updates that I don't even remember, and mostly change the default apache/conf.d/security file

diss_v0.8.4.1.tar.gz - July 13 2009
Minor updates, one important was a little bug with apache logrotate config

diss_v0.8.4.tar.gz - July 13 2009
Updated some little things here and there and mostly add apache suexec and php fcgi, some tighter permissions also..

diss_v0.8.3.1.tar.gz - May 24 2009
hmm. .. there was a PEBKAC error with the reconfigure firewall script that didn't change the ping settings.. . oops